sean-photoSean Michael White established his practice in August 2008 by offering residents and visitors of the Sunshine Coast quality Reiki & Life Guidance. Shortly followed by Relaxation and Remedial massage services. He aims for excellence in achieving your optimal health and well being. He will support your continued improvement of movement and balance.

Sean has clinic availability in Maroochydore (Monday to Saturday) on the Sunshine Coast. Whatever way you receive the magical touch, you will be sure to tell everybody who will listen just how much better you feel and move. Sean has built his practice from the ground up with a reputation of quality & professional service that has been enjoyed by many hundreds of people.

In 2014, after two decades of research and reflection, Sean embarked on an intensive study of Advanced Pranic Healing (at Brisbane’s Pranic Healing & Meditation Centre) which has allowed him to evolve his service as an advanced Pranic healer & Pranic Psychotherapist. This continuing energetic modality requires rigorous practice and dedication which allows him to bring an added layer of healing to all of his massage services.

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Before Your Treatment

It’s important to create the best environment for your healing and to do this I am giving you some clear instructions. 1. Lay off the naughty foods and drugs for at least 3 days before seeing me. Yes, the coffee, nicotine, chocolate etc etc. I would ask that meat consumption be reduced as much as …

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After Your Treatment

After your massage or energy healing you may experience some of the following effects from what may be an otherwise productive therapeutic session. It is prudent to be aware that the path to functional and postural recovery is typically a little bumpy at times. Sore Muscles: Sometimes not even the muscles that were massaged. This indicates …

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‘After fracturing my ankle I found my back, shoulders and neck were in a lot of pain from using crutches.  But after just one session with Sean the pain was gone and I feel so much better. Thanks so much!’ Sandy from Buderim ‘I am not sure exactly what you did yesterday but I feel so …

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How do I make an appointment? See Contact and Bookings. The more notice you give the better! What are your opening hours? For Mobile Appointments (6 Days) Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5:30 pm. For Clinic Room Appointments Maroochydore Monday to Friday – 8am to 5:30pm Saturday – 8am to 12 noon   What form of Payment do …

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