Mar 17

Pranic Healing: Healing from Within

Pranic Healing, is Energetic Healing. It’s healing the bodies (including, but not limited to, the Physical body) of the dis-ease state. It is opening the eyes of the personality to what the higher Self already knows, but is failing to express. Master Cho Kok Sui studied extensively the healing arts of Asia. He brought together many wonderful teachings and synthesized Pranic Healing. He gave the World a tremendous amount of knowledge and practical methods to bring healing to all things. The basis of Pranic Healing is that of Prana, also referred to as Qi, Chi, Ki, Great Spirit, God, Holy Spirit.. and so forth. You cannot make your personality believe in Spirituality, the Soul or Divine Power. However, you can persuade the Personality to indulge in being open and receptive to the possibility to these things. Once the door is ajar it’s easier to open. For many of us there is a lot of healing to be done. To open the door wide and allow the very cells and tissues of our body to resemble perfect health. But it all starts with a simple gesture, step by step, day by day. It follows that if you stay true to a diet &/or exercise you will change your body shape. If you decide to learn about some trade, practice or field of academia you will perfect that endeavour … with persistence and application. So to you can heal from any ailment. The only limit is what you place upon yourself, or what limits you adopt from others.

Where & what is this “Within”?

We each “have” a body. It doesn’t have our soul, though. It’s in fact the other way around. Our Soul is borrowing the body for a while. We infuse “our” body with our soul. Our Soul is an extension of the Divine. The “Big One”. The fingers are part of the hand, but the hand is not part of the fingers; yet the hand is meant to have fingers and a finger would be lonely without a hand. The hand and fingers need not be thought of separate things, it’s all One “thing” on a certain level. So yes, on the ultimate level the body and the Soul are one and the same, but yes at the ultimate level the computer you are reading this from and “you” are also one.

That’s the riddle of Duality solved, in a nutshell.

A beautiful healthy image for each and every one of us is stored and projected from this place “within”. It’s your body alone, but the “within” is common to us all. Not one race, religion, nationality (or multinational for that matter) owns it. It can’t be sold to you, taken or withheld from you. You need to be open to believing this. It’s essential to healing and maintaining health. This “body within” is the true blueprint for all the systems, organs, tissues, cells & molecules in us. Dis-ease is a dimming of the light, a distortion of this beautiful plan for us, a masking and obscuring of the DNA and translation of that code. Regardless if we were born with genetic anomalies and challenges, there is healing that can be made. Regardless if we lost our footing and fell foul to a virus or bacterial infection, there is healing to be done. If you find yourself with pain and emotional distress there is a way forward. Lives can rebuild and move onwards and upwards.

That is in fact the entire meaning of Life, in case you missed it.

Choose Life: Power, Love & Light

When any type of Energetic Healing occurs, and I speak of Pranic healing as this is my preferred approach, you, the client-receiver are in the midst of tuning your personality to prefer Power, Love and Light. When Pranic healing occurs, you, the client-receiver are in the midst of changing your physiology to approximate Power, Love and Light. You will change and you will notice this. People will probably notice you happier and stronger, too. It will challenge &/or inspire those around you to be more Powerful, Loving and Light.

What is Power, Love and Light? How can these three things affect health? Power gives strength. Strength to stand up for what matters. Power to choose what it is you desire. Strength to hold Faith.

Love creates Compassion. Love reduces stress by assuring you and reminding you that Everything is Perfect and Hope springs eternal. Love actually obliterates panic, anxiety & anything else you wish to name that is akin to “death”. Love is the antidote to Death. There is no Death. There is always “next season”, or another day. Tomorrow is anew day. There is no rush, no deadlines no timeframes, Death is a door; when you are ready to Die, when you choose to Die, you can walk through that door. How do I know this? Why do I presume this? Because I do. I admit I haven’t always felt this strongly about it, but I believe I have enough personal experiences and heard enough anecdotes to satisy my “rational” mind. I cannot see the wind, but at a certain age I believed it was there due to sensory examination, socialisation and observation. That’s where I’m at with Death.

If it is Power that conjures Choice and Love that opens Hearts, then it is Light that opens minds. A light touch can remedy a heavy Heart.  It’s very challenging to be in the dark on important matters. As Martin Luther King Jnr stated, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that”. Blind people can make the most amazing musicians and therapists as they may truly have clear vision. Just check out Jeff Hanson’s contributions in the art world.

Lighting the way for yourself, lightens the load for others. Decisions made in the light of Day can be more measured and thoughtful, with a better view of the many details to be considered. Seeing any situation honestly and with completeness brings peace of mind when charting your course. There are no bogey men waiting to jump out when living in a Light-filled world, an enlightened world.

Life heals all wounds it has been said. A life with Power, Love and Lightness will heal any wound faster and stronger than otherwise. Medicine merely cleans the wounds, Life heals them. 

The body is a natural wonder. Just like a plant or animal it thrives in positive environments. Positive regard. it is not merely enough to have sufficient food, air, light, shelter & water to cover the basic needs. Some people believe that giving positive regard to our “things” and relating lovingly to our environment is healthy. It feels good for us too, to do all these things. It helps us! Giving Love and gratitude to all these life sustaining “things”. When we don’t provide these things we do ourselves a disservice. Much of our world has been is toxic, poisonous and insensitive to our needs and sensibilities. We may turn this around by sowing seeds of Life and nurturing them to flourish,

We need to be shown how to behave well to ourselves and others. In the areas we missed out on good role models or stewards, we need to reverse the patterns and habits of neglect to rebuild ourselves in the true image of health, of Power, Love and Light. On a personal and societal level… embrace Life.

A quick fix? A miracle cure ?

Everything takes time. Just how much time is up to you. If you want a miracle healing you really need to be ready for it. You need to be desperate, motivated. You need to be thirsty, hungry for change. You also need to find a level of appreciation and willingness to again “scrub the toilets of life” whence you are healed. Think on this and take action.

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