At Acquiesce, whether you are booking in for a Remedial, SportsRelaxation, Pregnancy or Corporate massage you can be guaranteed a great healing experience. We are fully trained, qualified and are an approved health fund provider. Sean (Acquiesce Owner) works closely with some on the Sunshine Coast’s most reputable Physiotherapists, which can be referred if treatment may be indicated.

See Locations for address and mobile areas covered.

We Provide:

  • Very large towels and very comfy massage table
  • Massage oil and balm (including non staining type)
  • Therapeutic liniment for remedial and sports massage
  • Essential oils and blends for relaxation
  • Special Belly pillows for pregnancy (Mum can finally be face down!)


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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is designed to relieve tension in the muscle and the connective tissue (or fascia). Remedial massage is recommended for individuals with long term joint pain, are involved in highly repetitive physical activities or those who have sustained injury from specific incidents. The process of seeking out tight fibres in a muscle band may …

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Pregnancy Massage

Acquiesce Massage offers Pregnancy Massages specifically suited for the expectant mother’s needs and ensures you are feeling very relaxed and comforted. We have a selection of Belly Pillows that allow pregnant women to lie safely on her front, ease the pressure off her back and lets her have a professional massage throughout her entire pregnancy. …

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Relaxation Massage

A Relaxation Massage is a Swedish styled massage that uses essential oils to help immerse you in a complete state of relaxation. The gentle yet dynamic strokes of a relaxation massage treatment may bring quick relief to a busy mind. The resulting elevation of mood and increased peace of mind are just one of the …

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Pranic/Energetic Healing

An everyday lifestyle can bring on simple energetic problems. Just being raised within any of a number of communities and social settings can generate a fair bit of confusion and grief. A balancing session may be the tonic to release the blockages, mend any of the fissures that have developed in your system and energise …

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