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Pranic/Energetic Healing

An everyday lifestyle can bring on simple energetic problems. Just being raised within any of a number of communities and social settings can generate a fair bit of confusion and grief. A balancing session may be the tonic to release the blockages, mend any of the fissures that have developed in your system and energise the body.

Also, grief, addictions, obsessions, fixations and aversions may all be removed by a series of successful balances (on my behalf) and with purposeful character development (on yours).

Treatment is all encompassing and works on all levels of being. Moods may be lightened, clarity may be coaxed and courage may be mobilised. Pain may be alleviated, suffering may be softened, forgiveness augmented. Your muscles will relax to optimum balance, your own immune system will receive a boost to fight infections. Your body can now repair damaged and stressed tissue and joints.

In fact, the compulsions to create stress and block your positive responses to stress will recede and the mental clarity and positivity will emerge to take you rightfully back to the top of your game.

My hands are drawn to and seek out any imbalanced and overwhelmed areas of your electromagnetic, psychic, hormonal, neuromuscular and other systems to neutralise the errant condition. The healing being offered here is Energetic and mainly attitudinal and emotional in nature, but many physical ailments have deep connections and originations here and can be thoroughly resolved.

Because the intention of the session is opened up to the highest realms of healing, all body systems are able to be accessed for cleansing and correction. Every cell of your body will be able to draw more and more life into itself to support your life path and direction.

By the end of this Energetic Healing experience you will feel that something beautiful was given to your mind, emotions and your Soul, AND your physical body.

On Pranic Healing, a wonderful Energy balancing therapy:

Energy Balancing is a letting go experience. The hands of the therapist, serving to channel the universal force, seek out the embattled areas of your energy system and neutralise each errant condition with a life affirming experience. By the end of your energy balancing treatment you will feel that something beautiful was given to your mind, heart and body. You will start feeling like yourself again.

Sean incorporates the higher Angelic, Pranic and Reiki healing systems as its primary energy balancing tool. Like an open tap, this allows the waters of Love and Peace to flow into your body, feeding and sustaining your Body and Soul.

The entire Energy Balancing treatment will immerse you in a relaxed state that will leave you in an elevated, yet grounded, awareness of your inner peace and beauty. As you build a deeper and closer relationship between your Body and Soul, you may find that your life becomes more beautiful with each passing day.

Sean suggests Pranic Healing & Energy Balancing for everyone. In particular, those who are expecting surgery, or are recovering from surgery are great candidates for receiving the benefits of this Complimentary Therapy. A consultation and healing is all done within the comfort of your own clothes.

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