This coming New MOON in May 2021, arrives in calendars on May 12 or 11. Christmas Island gets one of the Planet’s first looks at it at local time 1:59am on Wednesday 12th of May. Folks this is going to be a portender moment like we have seldom seen.

I am not prone to over exaggeration, hyperbole and unnecessary embellishments. If something is good, let alone amazing, it need not be dressed up. This NEW MOON is better than Amazing. That statement is so important it is worth re-reading. Go ahead…DO IT!

I am not prone to over exaggeration, hyperbole and unnecessary embellishments. If something is good, let alone amazing, it need not be dressed up. This NEW MOON is better than Amazing.

At first glance this Chart of the Moment – the New Moon in May – is peculiar for its Stellums. I know most readers won’t make much of a Astrological Chart but bear with me … I shall step you through it.

A stellum is word to describe a bunch or congregations of Planets/Heavenly bodies. When we see a bunching of these Celestial Bodies we see a concentration of energies related to that Astrological sign.

First things First: With this New Moon in Taurus you just know it is all about three things – Money, Business and Pleasure ! PLUS we have 2 Stellums in Taurus and Gemini. It is the Stellum in Gemini that is REALLY pivotal apart from the Sun and Moon in Taurus.

Venus and Mercury are touching distance to the North Node – that Point that can be thought of as the “Soul’s Voice”. In fact Mercury is Conjuncting the North Node IN GEMINI and this tells us that the Divine Essence and Impulse (North Node) will be Expressed and Shared (Mercury). And with Venus hot on the heels of this North Node the coming week after this New Moon, we will see a North Node-to-Venus Conjunction! Venus ruling Beauty and Finances will very smartly bring in a NEW Cycle of Harmony and Prosperity for those who make and made the effort to live in the with the Universal Will.

Remember – alll in Gemini – the sign most related to local Community, Communication and Trade.

The other Stellum is the Moon-Sun conjunction  – all part of a New Moon – I know – HOWEVER close enough to URANUS to be significantly affected in all the Uranian ways – Lightning Changes, Humanity, Internet and really anything oot-of-the-blue! All blended into the Sun-Moon Melting Pot – anything can be cooked up this May!!!

[Any part of this Earth will have differing Ascendants – the chart above shows the local energies from Christmas Island. I chose this point because of it is Entry point to the NEW DAY – being on the leading edge of the International Date line. I feel this point sets the tone for the rest of the Earth].

Back to the action – Pisces Ascendant with NEPTUNE conjunct the Ascendant – that is a very SPIRITUAL HEAVY HITTER on home base right there.  With Chiron – the “planet” related to Healing and Rising above Victim-hood in that 1st House we are going to see an event of HIGHLY CHARGED HEALING ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS.

It looks like whatever is set to unfold in the next Lunar Cycle it is going to be BIG.

The heavy slow moving duo of Saturn-Pluto fill the Aquarian house (11th House) indicating ALL generations will be affected. And it will be DEEP and STERN.

The Bouncy and expansive Jupiter sits in the 12th House fueling our Spiritual reserves to deal with this magnificent ascent into the Great Yet-to-be-Known.  Jupiter still manages to be in the sign of Aquarius also lending it’s optimistic and truth loving energies to neighbouring Saturn.

Jupiter is actually on the last degree of Aquarius – also called the annoretic degree – typically the most unstable degree of any sign. The door wants to close on the Jupiter in Aquarius but not until Jupiter is truly ready – so if there is some truth and expansion still to come out – it will come out now !

Solitary Mars in Cancer shows that Family and Community PROTECTION will be a strong focus of our collective energies.

So all-in-all it will be a no holds barred expose into Truth, Cacascading Spiritual Abundance – all at Lighting Pace for this next Lunar Cycle.

Buckle Up.

For readers in Australia we will experience a local Ascendant of Taurus – so definitely a secondary focus on working class issues, banking and simple pleasures – all things Taurean.