It seems perfectly appropriate to title a ‘how to’ guide on such an incredible and important subject by first of all putting you, Dear reader, in your place. And I do so with Love, as the most vital ingredient to creating a Miracle, is to actually believe in something as simple-minded and unsophisticated as your requested Miracle actually coming true.

By today’s over-intellectual posture of good social standing, I am of the belief you literally have to be like a ‘Dummy’ in order to get even a chance of a Miracle. So dumb yourself down, post haste.

With that out of the way, the good news is that while many at least consider Miracles an enigma wrapped in a riddle, it is my understanding that they are actually fairly straight forward and accessible to anyone. It is my contention, nay belief, it is a latent power or function of our Humanity.

Still with me? Let me share a life-changing story that required all the innocence and starry-eyed nonsense in asking for, and receiving, a Miracle for my Daughter.

By today’s over-intellectual posture of good social standing, I am of the belief you literally have to be like a ‘Dummy’ in order to get even a chance of a Miracle. So dumb yourself down, post haste.

To illustrate, some years ago my Daughter, Sienna, had an uneasy relationship with her Kindy Teacher that came to a head just before her 5th Birthday. As young Parents, albeit with some solid life behind us, we found it quite awkward and challenging balancing this triangle over that year; our gutsy first-born child, an accomplished and well intentioned Kindy teacher and ourselves, somewhat over-protective, yet confident and highly intuitive adults.

A Parent’s worst fears became realised when a seeming permanent health crisis unravelled. Just as we approached her Birthday, our beautiful Sienna developed a Strabismus condition. Within a week she became completely cross-eyed and later, as determined by an Optometrist, legally blind in one-eye and not much better in the other. There was little that anyone could explain why this happened, much is the case with Strabismus, but I had suspected that an underlying pyscho-somatic issue was at play in this instance.

You see, my wife and I were always open to there being a mind-body connection to health, so much so, that I had furthered our combined Reiki backgrounds into other advanced Energy Healing directions. My background was in Medical Science which also helped ground this nascent practice into real-world applications but I had departed from the box-like thinking of health some years before.

In my opinion, modern society has spent an unjustifiable amount of time and energy deriding and undermining the Divine and the Miraculous at the exaltation of “reality” and, unfortunately, most of Medicine. We felt, to not TRY to have this trauma, and disfunction, healed to a more healthy state would be woefully arrogant and reckless. To just accept the dis-ease, without any openness for recovering to full health, would be irresponsible and unwise.

Many of our society’s health woes are stress related, it is pretty obvious and well accepted, so then many of our Healing options should be therefore based on increasing our harmony and happiness. I was adamant that alongside the best that western medicine could offer our little angel, I would activate everything holistically and intuitively to help our Daughter recover.

By the time our Family had dealt with the shock and surprise, subsequent confusion and trauma of the situation, we got on with finding the best possible outcome for this crisis. And one of the biggest shifts we had to make was aligning ourselves more fully and holistically to a path of Love, Trust and Faith. And to fight for and, if need be, Surrender to a Miracle.

We had to entertain the notion that the energetic circumstances and reactions that lead up to a temporary disfunction of Sienna’s eyes needed to be addressed and if possible investigated – spontaneous remissions surely could proceed spontaneous afflictions. It was a long and winding road, at least it certainly felt like it. We didn’t try EVERYTHING, but we were open to ANYTHING. A measured and focused approach seemed the wisest path.

Despite some resistance from Medical fraternity we knew we had to try and, more importantly, had to persist in attempting to resolve this minor calamity and apparent malefic happenstance befalling Sienna.We analysed our lives from all angles – Diet, Counselling, Mainstream and Fringe Medicine and Spiritual Learning & Prayer.

The next 2 years saw an immense, though somewhat subtle shift in our family and obviously within our Daughter’s own attitude and approach to her relationships. Especially of issues surrounding self worth, authority figures and conflict resolution. Through a many twist and turn the Strabismus finally left. The efforts to allow healing and resolution occur, regardless of the sources of help was the difference. What seemed as impossible was now possible – and actually happening!

One of my personal beliefs is that there is a flowing energy of Healing in our World, in our hearts and Minds. If you don’t use it – it may as well not be there at all. But it is! The mere acceptance of this principle is what really drives the miracle into manifestation. The ‘how’ then becomes mostly irrelevant – a footnote to the event itself.

This is really where this story aims to go, ANYTHING can be treated, we all have a choice to TRY. The outcome of our efforts aren’t always going to be perfect or successful, however, if we aim to be students of Life, we will always be able to improve and refine our approach and intention. In doing so we improve the quality of the results, of the Miracles. Success is always about perseverance.

If you think you know everything about everything, it is unlikely you’ll be able to resolve the surprising and unexpected. And Life has a knack of throwing curve-balls no matter how prepared, how smart or knowledgeable or accomplished you are. Being open to admitting you are a ‘Dummy’ from time to time, will open the doors to start believing that things can get better in your life and the lives of those around you. It is worth it. Even if it is to ensure you have no regrets later!

Miracles deserve a better understanding and appreciation. Our power and ability to intelligently and faithfully resolve the seeming impossible is deserving of exploration and verification. Maybe we are all more Divine than we have credited ourselves? Maybe we can empower ourselves to Manifest good times as it were if we are honest with ourselves, that we can as wilfully sabotage and bring misery upon ourselves and those we say we Love. It is a choice and that is what is the biggest Miracle of all: we have Choice.

Had my Wife and I decided that there was no use, or the medical advice was the ‘be all – and end all’, then it is clear that the outcome would have been more the same. But we made the choice to follow our instincts, our intuition and go out on a limb – to take a chance – to possibly seem foolish or stupid.

Life is about taking risks and being courageous. To not care what others think of you. To not being afraid of failing or falling short. To be able to speak up and assert yourself is where the Miracles are born, especially when that voice is your inner voice, your intuition.

So now you have heard this story, what are you waiting for? Choose a Miracle today, Dummy. And stick with it.