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a space to connect with the Divine and personify Spirit



The bridge between the Divine and the Mundane, the Cosmic and the Granular, Meditation opens the channel to allow cleansing and balanced activation of our Presence to become more Present. Allow my training and experience in Meditation and Energetic Healing to help take you Home.

Mediation can be thought of as an opportunity to restore a better balance between Spirit and Flesh, Mind and Body, Soul and Personality.

The Service on offer is a very specific type of Meditation that encourages infusion of the Highest Spiritual Energy in the process of releasing previous outdated energetic patterns and motivations.

Gentle yet focused coaching in these sessions facilitates the most useful cleansing and activations, including the incorporation of guided energetic healings to smooth the path to your realignment back to more of your Higher Self.

You should allow 3 hours of time for this Breathe Release Meditation Session and given that this techniques requires clear airways and robust breathing, if necessary check with your trusted Physician if this is the right practice for you BEFORE booking your place.

The Healing method I offer is based on the Pranic approach (founded by Master Choa Kok Sui) and can be delivered as a stand-alone treatment or integrated with Breathe-Release Meditations.

Allowing yourself to be immersed in a healing experience that includes the many Divine Agents of Healing may accomplish the remedy that has so far eluded you til now. Energetic healing bypasses many of the hurdles placed by the Ego and Memory to smooth the way for Divine Inner Healing as you re-integrate into your daily flow and shed the skins of past trauma.

when preparing for meditation

Sean Michael White facilitating

the breathe/release process

Sean Michael White facilitating

so how does Science explain it ?

Sean Michael White facilitating

what Science has yet to explain

Sean Michael White facilitating

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These services are focused on bringing you Peace and Healing. The Meditation service, in particular, prepares and assists the allowance of the Ego to soften its grip on the body and mind. The ability to acquiesce to the larger Self, the Self of Consciousness and Divinity creates healing in the bodies and exalts a more true presence into the personality.

Often this is the kick start for many people’s spiritual awakening and facilitates adoption of both profound and subtle changes that create long term health, wellness and manifestation of Divine outcomes, also known as miracles.

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