This service prepares and assists the allowance of the Ego to soften its grip on the body and mind. The ability to acquiesce to the larger Self, the Self of consciousness and Divinity creates healing in the bodies and exalts a more true presence into the personality.

In the lead up to a session it is wise to keep as healthy as possible. Be mindful of your nutrition, sleep and emotional responses in the weeks leading up to your booking. Think of it as preparing for a holiday, you want to enjoy your holiday with as few issues as possible. On the day, give yourself the rest of the day off as much as practical, and simplify the week in front of you following a session as much as possible. Attending to some details like these may allow a more fruitful experience, the bottom line is use your instincts and intuition when booking and timing your healing breathe/release meditation session.

The session will take about 3 hours of your time. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Be prepared to lay on your back for most of your time in this session, bolsters and other supportive and comforting accessories will be provided. Bring some water to drink. A handkerchief or tissues may be helpful, for mopping any tears that may fall. There will be time to debrief immediately after the session, whether in an individual or wider group setting.

If after reading all the information on this website and you have concerns about this Meditative Service, please consider consulting your Doctor or other Medically recognised practitioner to assess your suitability for participating.