The breath complements the electrical impulse of Living that goes hand in hand with the beating of our Hearts. When in the womb, or uterus, you gained your gaseous nutrition (amongst many other factors) through the Umbilical Cord from the Placenta. Finally. The act of “Breathing” is practiced towards the end of gestation, with the amniotic fluid circulating through your tiny lungs.

Once you find your way onto land, the breath reflex activates and you became reliant on your own lungs for Oxygen and allowed the Placenta to be made redundant. The emergence of an independent child, with free choice, then created a Life moulded by a trove of circumstance and responses.

Those responses to “circumstances” could be heavily based in an individual’s access to inspiration. Interesting word, “inspiration”, …the inspiration process is actually a term for “breathing in” or inhaling. What this child does with its inspiration, and how that inspiration influences it responses to circumstance is ultimately his or her responsibility.

We can now see why, if not how, a focus on breathing has long held close ties to esoteric and spiritual healing and mastery.

Many on this planet may very well need/want to rediscover the healing power of the breath and many have some amount of catching up to do. Which is fine, because NOW is the best time to do it ! Often this is the kick start for many people’s spiritual awakening and facilitates adoption of both profound and subtle changes that create long term health, wellness and manifestation of Divine outcomes, also known as miracles.