This Painting came through during Corona Lock-down in April 2020. As with all my works it’s purely intuitive and with the intent to channeling Higher Self and Divinity for mine (and others) Highest good.

For me, in reviewing the completed painting, it speaks of a delineation of path aspects in among the timeline in over 400 years of Humanity’s timeline (c.1680 ;the Age of Colonialism-Globalism, onwards) taking us through to the beginning of the 22nd Century.

I wrote about it in my blog post and since then I have watched with curiousity on the unfolding of the dramas related to Media-Led Cancel Culture, Awkward Political Governance/Control, an Interesting Health Crisis/Response and Accelerated Economic Inflation/Collapse. Suffice to say – as instructed by this Piece – since the “Red Line” intersected the “Purple Line” in 2016, the imminent forking has never been more apparent. Thankfully it only has another couple of years to go.

On the other side of this crossing Red Line? A few years at best to catch your breath as the Purple timeline forks completely. The Harvest will then be complete. Your choice as to where you want to be. Choose wisely.