Well what do you know?! 2021 draws to a close with the LOVE planet Venus Retrograding over the festive season. This brings lots of folks reassessing their emotional fabric – realising their relationships needed a bit of repair and regeneration – and be a lot more honest about their joint financial priorities.

Venus – the Energy of Social interactions, Financial and Emotional Security – is putting friends and family under the microscope. And it is up to us to bring it into sharp focus so we may shine the Light and Power of Divinity onto it, for it to transform and ultimately heal into the highest Divine Aspect.  Namely that being Truth and Unconditional Support. Ultimately, Acceptance.

But let’s talk about the Numerological significance of 2022… and yes, it is also ALL about LOVE!

You must wake up and take the reins back in a 6 year. But we do it from LOVE, SERVICE and PARTNERSHIP. The triple 2 energy requires it… gentle and nurturing 2 … peaceful and affable 2 …. cooperative and friendly 2.

Entering 2022 with Venus’ focus and finding who we (and others) genuinely are, warts and all,  is a great springboard for 2022: in what I am calling the Year of Love. And it is the Year of Love, and also it HAS to be the Year of Love.

So simply put, and in practice, universally we have EVERYONE engaging as a whole PLANET on the Gregorian Calendar year.  The planet- as a whole – is grooving on 2+0+2+2 (=6) Vibration. The Energy of SERVICE, the energy of PARTNERSHIP and the ENERGY of COMMITMENT.


It is not the conversational and restless 2021(5) any longer, nor have we yet ascended into the thoughtful and motivated 2023(7) – we are in the middle of these critical timestamps.

2022 will be remembered fondly as the year that the Planet decided to shut up and listen for a change. To realise it had a beating Heart, and to stand in Truth with their brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbours. Or otherwise resign themselves to the walking dead, tethered to other zombies who are only too happy to make their Life decisions for them. 

What is with ALL those 2s? When a date or Universal Year comprises of more than a duplicated number it is an amplifier, nay “complicator”, of that Energy. Three 2s fits that category, making 2022 amplifying the Energy of 2. What is 2 energy? COOPERATION. But also needing to be mindful of being a SHEEP or a LEMMING, being too easily herded into a pen or lead off a Cliff. There needs to be Discernment balanced with Cooperation. A thoughtful and bold Sheep and Lemming, if you will.

When we have three 2s summing into a 6, it accentuates the energy of 6. I know I stated above that 6 is about SERVICE, PARTNERSHIP and COMMITMENT – but it really does need to mentioned that with all these 2s, these 6 attributes aren’t always so easy to enact. Why? Because how do you SERVE and BE LOVING when your neighbour, cousin, sister or brother is being a douche bag? And the ultimate challenge is how do you SERVE your own highest good when it isn’t clear in your OWN MIND what in fact is in your best interests? The fog of 2 is real. Because you see both sides of the story and POTENTIALLY can convince yourself, or be convinced by another, that white is black and down is up. It comes down to PATIENCE and WISDOM. Wise action reveals all Truth, and in these times it is often through SILENCE.

Thankfully we are in a 6 Universal Year. Which means the overarching ENERGY is the LOVING 6. The SERVICE is always TO YOUR HIGHER SELF, your higher path, to LOVE. So it is the year of using the LOVE aspect to HONOUR your higher path, your most Loving impulse. The path of WIN : WIN, the path of compromising to give and take, moderation, negotiation and diplomacy.

Not of appeasement but of win : win. Of meeting in the middle and hashing out equity for all. Which doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is going to be on an even playing field. But it means people can get what they have consciously chosen, worked for and earned. If folks have just floated along and put up with garbage they will probably get more of the same. So it is paramount that if you want something from life, you need to be honest, and smart, and have asked for it, worked for it and earned it. A deal is going to be made this year, you best put your best offer and terms on the table.

So in 2022(6), when the community says one thing but your HEART says another it is time to find a different community …or at the very least acknowledge your are in a DIFFERENT SPACE to them and perhaps tell that community they are on notice. And if you find your community is being led by leaders or spokespeople that are not representing your TRUTH, then if you let them speak on your behalf – you run the risk of allowing your community to be steered into LIES and CORRUPTION.

You must wake up and take the reins back in a 6 year. But we do it from LOVE, SERVICE and PARTNERSHIP. The triple 2 energy requires it… gentle and nurturing 2 … peaceful and affable 2 …. cooperative and friendly 2.

[SIDE NOTE: If 2 is Community, and we have definitely only recently emerged from the millennia of 1 (1000-1999) then it is fair to say most of the recent History of Humanity has been immersed in the 1 Energy : the individual and the rights of the individual, often at odds with the centralised halls of Power, like the Papacy (Rome), Central Banking (London/Zurich), United Nations (NYC) and the EEC/EU (Brussels). With ALL these 2s it is indeed a very AQUARIAN year upon us where people will seriously question the concept and practice of DEMOCRACY}.

IN SUMMARY  The true power of all these 2s is DE-CENTRALISATION. The power of the people, the Serf class. The confirmatory utility of ubiquitous checking and cross-checking. The Awakened populace can direct public policy by engagement and action. 2 can often be a passive energy but it need not be always passive. It still needs to speak up and be counted from time to time. It has responsibilities. A little bit of pressure and awareness goes a long way to the Ruling class. 

Especially when the Serfs become aware of corruptions of the Rulers. Epstein, Maxwell, Prince Andrew connecting on from the dots of the previous generations of Jimmy Saville and other very high placed “entertainers”. Credibility is at stake at a critical time when the Rulers are asking amazing Leaps of Faith to be taken at their word; whether it is Twin Towers 9-11, Weapons of Mass Destruction IRAQ War or a CCP-originating “Pandemic” that has a extremely high survival rate.


Rulers require compliance otherwise it becomes Tyranny. And there is much more of US (2s) than there is of THEM (1s). They know this …and we (now) know this! The 2s are being asked to balance to become less neurotic and sheeplike and the 1s are being forced to be more reasonable and selfless. What a time to be alive.

And how does this all happen? What is the magic elixir to create more BALANCE?

IT IS LOVE!!! Love softens and encourages. Gives courage and patience. Praises and Comforts.

This is THE year to COMMIT and throw one’s self into LOVE. True LOVE. And if you need reminding what that means, read this blog one more time. 

PHOTO Credit : The Lovers VI – taken from Radleigh Valentine’s “Angel” Tarot / Artwork : Steve A. Roberts  Hay House 2017 Copyright