The realm of Consciousness is at the very forefront of many Scientific disciplines and Technological applications, rushing recklessly ahead into AI. Consciousness and themes of Spirituality has existed in even longer measures of time in Literature and the Fine Arts and still in even longer arcs of time in the realms of Religion and Spirituality.

When we start speculating about the connection of our emotional responses of our life histories and the state of our breathing and visceral health, it is not much of a leap to consider how we may be affected by this sort of breathing meditative session. The changes in morphology, the (healthy) shape and form of our organs, are similarly directly affected by the changes in our emotional wellbeing and sense of Peace, and Wonder derived by this practice.

The seeming nonlocalised nature of our individualities may well be scientifically validated in the coming years, certainly there is many anecdotal summaries of Consciousness reaching out beyond our physical containers and receiving and relating information to our bodies, whether through pictures, words, impressions or inklings.

The existence of God, Divinity while may be the antithesis of Scientific reach or realm, there can be little dispute that Breath is energy. And quality of breath is causative to quality of thought and visceral health.

The field of atoms and photons in each breath is immense. And the process of breathing is energetic, thanks in large part to our physical structures abdomen, ribs and diaphragm – but also due to our Will, Strength and Willingness to BREATHE !

It is said in many Ancient and Contemporary Traditional Chinese Medicine texts that we each have a system of meridians and chakras – channelling Prana/Life Energy/Qi/Ch’i. around our subtle bodies via the nadis. Science is seemingly shy to take many of these concepts, lest of all acknowledge these aspects of the subtle  – but the breath, the air (or is it what the Ancient’s referred to as AETHER?) has apparently some way of activating us through such subtle networks.

It is plausible that the combined latent energy of the atoms and photons COUPLED with the kinetic tornado we impose on this field in the inhalation and expiration process SPIKED with intention of the breath itself is an area of knowledge that may likely require a massive leap in understanding and scientific genius to reveal what is likely to be revered as the mechanics of Enlightenment.